About Us…

Here at OnlineSecure+ we are passionate about online security and want to bring our cybersecurity expertise to everyone to ensure we can all use the internet safely.

Covering several aspects of online security such as;

VPNs (virtual private networks),

cloud tunneling,


password management,

we provide our readers with the confidence they need to be safe online.

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Marcus Blaine

Lead Author

With years of experience in cybersecurity derived from roles at leading companies, Marcus Blaine today writes at Online Secure+ where he explores key digital security issues. His articles merge thorough research with practical experience, offering clear insights into navigating and protecting against online threats. Marcus’s commitment is evident in every piece he writes, aiming to both educate and contribute to safer online environments.

Julia Thompson


With years of dedicated experience in cybersecurity, Julia Thompson has navigated the complexities of digital security, identifying patterns and crafting solutions in the ever-evolving online landscape. At Online Secure+, she leverages this profound expertise to demystify cybersecurity, turning intricate vulnerabilities into clear, actionable knowledge. Julia’s work aims to pre-empt digital threats by interpreting subtle shifts in technology, providing a critical, analytical view of current trends and potential risks. Her objective is clear: to enhance understanding of cybersecurity issues, making them accessible and engaging to all readers.

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